Data uploader

The IUCLID team is exploring ways to facilitate the process of uploading data from external sources to a IUCLID database. In order to achieve this, a Data Uploader has been built as a Knime workflow that provides the following 'nodes':


  • Connection to a IUCLID database
  • Selection of relevant IUCLID documents and fields
  • Mapping with an external data source
  • Validation of the data against the IUCLID format
  • Generation of IUCLID files (.i6z)
  • Upload to IUCLID


If you want to learn more about IUCLID Data Uploader, please contact the IUCLID team.

You can download a beta version of the IUCLID Data Uploader. The installation package contains the following information:

  • The installation instructions
  • The Data Uploader Knime plug-in
  • A use case for creating reference substances, the corresponding example data set and Knime workflows
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