IUCLID Data Extractor

IUCLID Data Extractor is an advanced tool that extracts data from IUCLID in accordance with a set of user-defined rules. It is installed separately from, but connected to, an instance of IUCLID Server. IUCLID Data Extractor has its own web-based user interface, separate from that of IUCLID, but modelled on the IUCLID data structure.

An installer is provided for MS WIndows. IUCLID Data Extractor has its own database, that can be either the an embedded H2 database supplied with it, or an Oracle database. It is possible to install IUCLID Data Extractor such that the IUCLID from which it extracts data is running on either the same machine as itself, or on a separate one. In the latter case, IUCLID Server can be running on either MS Windows or Linux.

IUCLID 6.5 is not compatible with the Data Extractor version 1.4.0. A new version of the Data Extractor, fully compatible with IUCLID version 6.5, will be available at the beginning of 2021.


IUCLID Data Extractor installer (19th August 2020, version 1.4.0 / compatible with IUCLID 6.4)

The installation package contains all the software components needed to deploy IUCLID Data Extractor on a Windows Server running an installation of IUCLID Server 6.4. Data Extractor can use either its own embedded H2 database, or a separate Oracle database. Oracle is not supplied. Deployment instructions are available on this page, above.

Support is provided for only the current versions of IUCLID Data Extractor and IUCLID working together. There is no updater tool for IUCLID Data Extractor. To use the current version, make a fresh installation.

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