The documentation concerning the IUCLID format, the report generator and the IUCLID Public API has now been moved under 'IUCLID Product'.

User manual

The IUCLID 6 Help System describes all of IUCLID 6's features, functions, and options. It is integrated in to the application itself, with access being provided via links in the user interface, and by pressing the function key F1. The Help System also includes manuals on how to use the application for regulatory purposes, as described under the heading below, Dossier preparation manuals.

The part of the IUCLID 6 Help System that describes the IUCLID 6 features, functions, and options is called Functionalities of IUCLID 6. As well as being available inside the IUCLID 6 application, this manual can be downloaded in PDF format in English here, and in different languages from the links below.


The equivalent manual for the web user-interface is available in PDF format in English here.

Terms and conditions

Access is provided below to the legal texts that must be agreed to when downloading applications or data from this website. Each agreement is made separately at the point of download of the application or data.

Please note that on 13th June 2018, the end-user license agreement of IUCLID 6 Desktop and IUCLID 6 Server was amended to remove an overly restrictive clause relating to the interfacing of IUCLID with other software. The change requires no action on the part of users of IUCLID. Should you have any questions about this matter, please contact ECHA through the information request forms on ECHA’s contact page:

Dossier preparation manuals

The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) provides manuals on how to use IUCLID 6 for regulatory purposes, including help on entering data into substance datasets for different types of dossiers. These manuals are available in PDF format on the ECHA website at the address For the convenience of users, the content of these manuals has been integrated into the Help System of IUCLID 6.

Installation and update manuals

IUCLID 6 Server installation manual

The IUCLID 6 Server installation manual is designed to give assistance in the installation or update of the IUCLID 6 software application. This document describes how to install, update and configure the IUCLID 6 application in a distributed environment using a GlassFish application server.

IUCLID 6 Desktop for macOS

Information about IUCLID 6 Desktop for macOS can be downloaded here.


Looking for older IUCLID versions?

Previous IUCLID 5 versions can be found on the IUCLID 5 archives page.

Previous IUCLID 6 versions can be found on the IUCLID 6 archives page.

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