Web interface survey (new phase)

With the April 2020 release of IUCLID and the subsequent update in the ECHA Cloud Services, the IUCLID team would like to collect once more your feedback concerning the IUCLID web interface in order to prepare for the phase-out of the classic interface in the coming months. The survey is primarily targeted at industry and consultants.

The IUCLID web user interface was released initially in the ECHA Cloud Services and then, in October 2018, to all IUCLID users, together with IUCLID 6.3.

The transition from the classic interface to the new one is ongoing and we continue developing new features with the intention to discontinue the classic interface in April 2021.

With the latest releases of IUCLID which brought new elements to the web interface we would like to re-assess the adoption rate of the new interface. Therefore, we have prepared a short survey that will help us gather information to better finalise the transition to the web interface. A previous survey published at the beginning of the year highlighted a good uptake of the web interface from Authorities while users from Industry and consulting companies were still in the transition process.

You will find the link to the survey below. Thank you very much in advance for your feedback.

Access the new web interface survey | Learn to use the new interface | Outcome of the previous survey