IUCLID survey results show users are adopting the IUCLID web interface at a good pace but there is still work to do

At the end of last year we launched a survey to know more about the adoption rate of the new IUCLID web interface.

We are starting analysing the (130) answers received and we have seen that more than 70% of the respondents have started to use the web interface. It appears that ECHA and EU Competent Authorities have already moved to the web interface largely (89%) while half of the users from Industry are still missing some useful IUCLID features in the newly built interface or did not take the time yet to learn how to use the new version efficiently.

Although the majority of the users are satisfied with the new layout and how the web interface presents the data, some areas of the application would benefit from performance improvements.

More than 70% of the respondents are following IUCLID’s system requirements and reported a better user experience with Firefox, Chrome or Edge. We highly encourage all users to move to the most recent web browsers instead of using Internet Explorer.

Users were also asked about the functionalities they would like the IUCLID team to focus on developing during the upcoming months and we are already using this useful feedback to prioritise the scope of the next IUCLID releases with the aim to completely replace the classic interface by October 2020.

Thank you all who participated in the survey and, although the survey is now closed, we will resume it at a later stage to start gathering the latest feedback.