The Data Uploader helps you convert data to the IUCLID format

The first official release of the Data Uploader is now made available by ECHA for users wishing to convert data into the IUCLID format.

The Data Uploader supports the transformation of data on chemicals to the IUCLID format. It is especially useful for conversion of legacy toxicity data into harmonised templates which can be stored in a IUCLID database. This tool can be used by owners of chemical databases who would like to share their information in an internationally recognised format. The application is developed as a KNIME Analytics Platform plug-in, comprising of several workflow nodes.

The Data Uploader package not only contains the application itself, with its installation instructions, but also two detailed use cases, with example KNIME workflows.

A webinar, dedicated to this tool, is planned for September 2022. The exact date will be communicated as soon as possible by ECHA.

Additional Information

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