New IUCLID version including format updates

This version is the first to include format changes since the release schedule was adapted to deliver this type of changes in the first half of the year. In the past, format changes were made at the end of October, the last one being in 2021. The release was originally scheduled for April, but to ensure the quality of the release, we needed one more month to get it ready.

The full format documentation and links to the relevant information sources are available on the format page of the IUCLID website. The main changes include:

  • Updates relevant to all IUCLID users
    • Update to the latest OECD Harmonised Templates (OHTs), incorporating changes to the OECD Test Guidelines (e.g. TG 249, 250 or 498)
    • The split of OHT 50-2 ‘Toxicity to terrestrial arthropods’ into three templates: ‘Toxicity to bees’, ‘Toxicity to terrestrial arthropods other than bees’ and ‘Toxicity to soil arthropods’.
    • Harmonisation of 105 endpoint summaries templates.
    • In the OHTs, the structure of the field ‘Study period’ has been enhanced and the field ‘Illustration’ has been merged with the ‘Attachments’ fields.
  • And updates relevant to specific user groups
    • Preparation for the EU Drinking Water Directive and for the future dissemination of IUCLID information by ECHA.
    • Support to the transfer of EFSA relevant databases and extension of the EU Plant Protection Products in several areas including microorganisms specific information.
    • Support to the transition from the SPC Editor to IUCLID scheduled for the end of the year.
    • Changes are also made to the parts of the format relevant to the New Zealand EPA, the EU databases for information on Substances of Concern In articles and Products (SCIP), Poison Centres Notifications and REACH. An extension has also been created for UK REACH to test customisation possibilities (not to be used for official submissions).

This release also includes new functionalities such as:

  • The possibility to copy annotations from one dossier to its update.
  • Access to the background jobs to monitor the status of tasks that can take some time to be performed, such as exporting a file or generating a report.
  • Improvements in the data representation to avoid repetition of the same information in the link displayed to other IUCLID documents. A good example of this would be the repetition of the same substance identifiers that we used to see in the links to reference substances or test materials.

The validation rules and the report templates have also been updated.

All changes are described in more details on the ‘Planned releases’ page of the IUCLID website and in the release notes. ECHA Cloud Services users have their installations automatically upgraded the week of the release.

A webinar explaining the most relevant aspects of this release will take place on the 8th of June.

More information

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