IUCLID features in 2022 (survey)

The IUCLID team informs and consults on the 2022 planned IUCLID releases.

This survey has been closed on the 26th of April, the day of the April 2022 release. ECHA will communicate about the results during the 12th of May webinar.

Yesterday, the OECD IUCLID Expert Group met to discuss ongoing activities around IUCLID. As part of this event, ECHA informed the group about the releases planned in 2022 and the features prioritised for implementation, and a short survey was created to gather feedback from the members of this group.

Today, we share the link to this survey to the IUCLID users' community more broadly. We thought it might be a good way to share more information about the foreseen releases and their planned content, and it gives you the possibility to share with us your opinions on the proposed priorities.

The survey will be open until the publication of the next IUCLID release in April 2022.

Thanks in advance for your contributions!

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