IUCLID 6 service release

A new service release is available. It contains improvements and fixes.

While the main IUCLID updates are published in April and October, additional service releases are also made available to all users when needed. The scope of this release is limited to bug fixes and configuration updates relevant to all or specific user groups:

  • Several fixes made to the IUCLID updater
  • Specific user group changes
    • Waste Framework Directive (SCIP notification): update of substances in the candidate list (cf. this ECHA news)
    • Poison Centres Notifications: fixes made to the report

ECHA Cloud Services users will see their IUCLID instances being upgraded automatically to the latest version starting as of today.

We take the opportunity to highlight the availability of a new update of the Data Extractor. Version 1.1.0 was published some days ago and contains fixes and improvements.

Additional information

Download IUCLID | Release notes | LinkedIn group | YouTube channel | Data Extractor