Welcome to the IUCLID 6 website

IUCLID 6 is the new generation of the tool used to manage administrative and scientific information on chemicals. All information related to IUCLID 6 can be found on this website.

The development of IUCLID 6 is performed in several steps and already started in 2012. Many of the changes aim to help both registrants and authorities. For example, the improved structure of information follows the OECD harmonised templates; a new version of the templates will be published by the OECD in 2015 and made available in the IUCLID 6 official release due by the end of Q2 2016. It also means that data can be searched and disseminated better.

IUCLID 6 will be easier to customise so that it can be used for other purposes than those currently managed in IUCLID 5. This is particularly useful for authorities in OECD member countries. With the support of the IUCLID team they will be able to create their own templates and reports in IUCLID 6. 

Finally, many users reported that installing IUCLID has been complicated in the past. IUCLID 6 is simpler to install on your desktop computer. It will, for example, no longer require any additional software.

The publication of the IUCLID website is a milestone in the update of this software. The website is now already offering the download of a IUCLID 6 beta version.

IUCLID 6 website user account

In order to download softwares from the IUCLID 6 website you will have to register first. By creating an account you can subscribe to mailing lists to receive the latest news about IUCLID 6. In case you already have an account on the ECHA or Chesar websites, you can use the same credentials to login (IUCLID 5 website accounts cannot be reused though).

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