Use of IUCLID under EU REACH - Cloud services launched

The cloud version of the chemical data management tool IUCLID is now available for smaller companies and their consultants preparing REACH registration dossiers.

The IUCLID Cloud service has been launched by the European Chemicals Agency for preparing REACH registration dossiers. SMEs and their consultants are encouraged to use the cloud service as it means they no longer have to install IUCLID locally on a computer, but will always have access to the latest version in a web browser – anytime, anywhere. The service comes with up to 1 GB of data storage, fully managed backups and dedicated helpdesk support, at no charge.

In April, ECHA already launched a trial version of the cloud service that remains available for everybody to use for training and testing purposes.

ECHA Cloud Services | More information on ECHA website and LinkedIn