Upgrade to the latest version of IUCLID and try the new user interface

A new version of IUCLID has been published on the IUCLID website. It introduces a new web-based user interface, and includes changes relating to the latest OECD Harmonised Templates and the European Poison Centres notifications.

The updated IUCLID, version 6.3, introduces:

  • A new web-based interface that allows IUCLID to be run without the need to install additional software. This version of the web interface contains the basic essentials of the IUCLID functionality, with the intention of extending the features until it can be the only interface available. In the meantime, the previous interface is still supplied, so that users always have access to the full functionality.
  • Changes to the IUCLID format that include: the latest OECD Harmonised Templates, the incorporation of specific elements for microorganisms datasets, and the support of European Poison Centres notifications.

In terms of compatibility, the latest IUCLID version accepts all files from IUCLID 5.6 and later, while it can also export files that are compatible with IUCLID 6.2.

Updating IUCLID to the latest version is not mandatory. However, the update is strongly recommended to fully benefit from the new features, improvements and fixes.

The IUCLID Cloud services will be automatically updated to the latest version in the coming days – users do not need to do anything. SMEs and their consultants are encouraged to use the cloud service for ease-of-use, and better collaboration for creating the registration dossiers.

A webinar presenting the new version and offering practical advice on how to update is taking place on Wednesday 31st October from 11:00 to 13:00 Helsinki time. You can register from the link below. ECHA's Helpdesk will assist users with any questions about this update. Videos have been created to introduce the new interface here.

Download the new version | Release notes | Webinar | IUCLID LinkedIn group