Try the IUCLID 6 beta version

The IUCLID 6 beta version is a preliminary version of IUCLID 6 that will help you prepare for the changes brought by this new version. IUCLID 6 will be officially released by the end of Q2 2016. Until then, IUCLID 5 must continue to be used for preparation of regulatory data submissions.

The beta version gives organisations that have IUCLID installed on their company server an opportunity to prepare their IT systems and user management practices. The beta version lets you:

  • Start introducing the software changes that will be needed to run IUCLID 6. For example, Tomcat needs to be replaced by GlassFish as the application server which makes the components of IUCLID work together. You can also use the beta version to test the integration of IUCLID with other software that you use to manage your information on chemicals.
  • Start making use of the new user management features of IUCLID 6. For example, you can appoint a user manager who can manage other users and their user rights, but who cannot access other data in the application. Different user groups can also be created and be granted access only to specific data – all within one central database.

If you have installed IUCLID directly on your desktop computer or laptop, you do not necessarily need to install the beta version. However, it will give you a chance to get familiar with the new look of the user interface. You can also familiarise yourself with the streamlined data management where all sections for endpoint studies have a record-based structure, making it easier to copy and paste and share information. Last but not least, IUCLID 6 Desktop beta version comes with a new installer. Once downloaded it should be a matter of minutes to have a fresh installation ready to use on your computer.

The beta version does not contain all the data structures and functionalities of the final IUCLID 6 release. This means that you will need to make a final upgrade of IUCLID 6 when it is released. However, by using the beta version to set up a IUCLID 6-ready IT environment in your organisation, you can ensure a smooth transfer in 2016.

The release of this beta version is an opportunity to make IUCLID 6 a better functioning tool and to take into account your feedback in preparation for the official release in 2016. Please report your experience with IUCLID 6 beta version to the IUCLID Helpdesk.

IUCLID 6 website user account

In order to download softwares from the IUCLID 6 website you will have to register first. By creating an account you can subscribe to mailing lists to receive the latest news about IUCLID 6. In case you already have an account on the ECHA or Chesar websites, you can use the same credentials to login (IUCLID 5 website accounts cannot be reused though).

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