The October 2023 service release is here

A new service release is available to be installed containing new features, improvements and fixes.

In this release there are no changes to the data format, making it fully compatible with the previous version released in May. It brings a series of new functionalities as well as fixes and improvements such as:

  • Performance improvements of specific operations in IUCLID: for example, the export of files, the loading of the navigation tree, and the extraction of dossier content to a dataset. In addition, a new feature to export and import from a IUCLID drive can be activated by administrators of IUCLID servers.
  • The finalisation of the updates required to support the preparation of Summary of Product Characteristics under the EU BPR in the future. This includes, for example, the access to the list of biocidal active substances from ECHA’s repository, the creation of the SPC report for Single Products and Product Families, a set of validation rules to check the completeness of the information. As part of this development we have technically enabled the possibility for the report generator to output files in .docx format, and is available for all IUCLID users. The IUCLID team can now start working on preparing report templates using this format.

You will find a full list of changes brought by this new version in the release notes. ECHA will host a webinar on the 21st of November to provide more information about the release and to answer questions.

ECHA Cloud Services users will see their IUCLID instances being upgraded automatically, starting as of today.

Note on patches that followed the May release: since the initial release of IUCLID 6 v7 on 27th of May, the IUCLID team has prepared and released a series of patches to address issues identified. You can find more information here. All the fixes included in these patches are also available in the latest version of IUCLID, they do not need to be installed separately. There is one specific issue that requires further work for users who have installed v7.0.1 or v7.0.2. Potentially affected users have been contacted individually, but please check the information under section of the installation manual in case you have, at any point in time, updated your IUCLID database to v7.0.1 or v7.0.2.

More information

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