The October 2022 release of IUCLID is ready to install

A new service release is available to be installed. Users willing to update their system will have to wait a bit more before the updater tool is ready.

IUCLID is usually updated four times a year. According to the latest release roadmap, service releases are published in January, July, and October. Changes to the IUCLID format are now scheduled for April.

This service release does not provide format changes but brings a series of fixes and improvements such as:

  • More advanced import options for datasets: datasets are now imported by default as dossiers. In conjunction with the newly introduced ‘Extract to dataset’ option, this provides a higher degree of control than importing datasets directly. A video tutorial has been published on the IUCLID YouTube channel to illustrate this change.
  • The navigation tree has been refactored to improve the access to substance datasets in mixtures, for example. Please have a look at the short video tutorial we published on this too.
  • Making cross references between documents is made easier as the documents that can be linked are now displayed according to the relevant table of contents.

An important technical upgrade was done at the level of the integrated application server at the core of IUCLID (Payara updated from version 4 to 5). For the upgrade operation of existing systems to be a success, the IUCLID team is still testing and improving the updater tool at the time of the release. We aim at making it available in the coming weeks. Although this release includes new features and improvements, the use of this new version is not mandatory and data preparation can continue in existing versions.

One important aspect of this release is that the so-called ‘Classic interface’ is not included anymore. The interface that you use in your browser, the ‘web interface’, is now the only one available, and it supports all key use cases. The ‘Classic interface’ was based on an older technology that cannot be maintained for the latest technical upgrades to IUCLID.

You will find an exhaustive list of changes brought by this new version in the release notes.

ECHA Cloud Services users will see their IUCLID instances being upgraded automatically starting as of today. We will host a webinar on the 9th of November to provide more information about the release and to answer questions.

Additional information

Download IUCLID | Release notes | Webinar | LinkedIn group | YouTube channel