Patch available for IUCLID 6.5

A new release of IUCLID is available for download on the IUCLID 6 website. The new version includes fixes to issues reported by some users. At the same time, small improvements are also included.

We have analysed the feedback received since the previous release in October. We have been able to address the most critical issues reported and deliver additional improvements. Some of the changes are highlighted below but the full scope of the release can be found in the release notes.


  • Possibility to see linked categories from the dossier navigation tree
  • Issue when loading large dossiers or datasets
  • Search by UUID was not working for some users in the Classic interface
  • Issues with the creation of PDF files
  • Copying documents is not restricted to ‘full access rights’ users anymore
  • Issue with the creation of REACH registration dossiers as member of a joint submission where available documents are included without opt-outs (cf. FAQ #81)


  • You can now open the relevant records, from the validation assistant report, in a new tab of your browser
  • The new navigation tree is now applied to inherited Templates

ECHA cloud services users have seen their installations automatically upgraded earlier this week.

Additional information

Download IUCLID | Release notes | LinkedIn group