IUCLID October 2022 release: updater available

Following the October 2022 release, the updater tool is now also available for download on the IUCLID website.

As announced last week with the October 2022 release, we were not able to provide at that time the updater tool as further testing and improvements were necessary. We have now successfully completed the last verifications and existing IUCLID instances can be upgraded.

You will see that a patch is now available (v6.27.2). If you have installed for the first time IUCLID and you used v6.27.1, there is no need for you to update as the fixes and improvements are only relevant to the updater.

The IUCLID instances in the ECHA Cloud Services will be upgraded starting from today.

If you want to know more about the October 2022 release, we invite you to watch the webinar or access the release notes.

Additional information

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