IUCLID 6 service release (July 2022)

A new service release is available. It contains improvements and fixes.

The main IUCLID updates are published in April and October, however, additional service releases are also made available to all users when needed. They always bring new features, fixes, and improvements. While the full scope of this release can be found in the release notes, here are some highlights of v6.19.0:

  • Navigate to the main sections inside a document more easily
  • Navigation tree filtering
  • The dossiers comparison report now highlights differences within text fields
  • Update of the candidate list relevant for the preparation of SCIP notifications

ECHA Cloud Services users will see their IUCLID instances being upgraded automatically to the latest version starting as of today.

We take this opportunity to also invite you to answer a survey, launched recently, on the way we communicate around IUCLID.

Additional information

Download IUCLID | Release notes | LinkedIn group | YouTube channel