IUCLID 6 April 2020 release

A new service release of IUCLID is available to all users. It includes an extended and more complete web interface while the IUCLID format remains the same.

The main developments are linked to the objective to build and complete the web user interface, which is meant to become in the future the only user interface for IUCLID.

With this release, we completed all IUCLID inventories (e.g. contacts, category, and literature references), the advanced search for datasets, the DNEL calculator, the bulk copy of records, and the management of user preferences. We also improved the navigation in dossiers with the aim to introduce similar improvements for the editing of data by the end of the year. You will also notice the introduction of the new Article entity that now allows the preparation of SCIP notifications offline.

A pre-recorded webinar will be published on the 12th of May to go into more detail about the scope of this release, as well as other developments such as the publication of the latest REACH Study Results.

On the same day we will open a live Q&A session through Slido where we will be answering your questions. You will find more information in the link below.

Specific IUCLID user groups will keep on receiving information from specialised channels such as the Poison centres website, the SCIP database or the IUCLID for pesticides technical group webpages. The users of the ECHA Cloud services had their IUCLID instances updated automatically on the 4th of May.

Finally, we regularly post additional information on our IUCLID LinkedIn group. Please join us and take part in the discussions.

Additional information

Download IUCLID 6 | Release notes | IUCLID 6 April 2020 webinar | LinkedIn group | Helpdesk

Initially planned for the 29th of April, the publication of this release was delayed due to issues affecting the ECHA websites during the week of the publication.