Access rights in IUCLID - please provide your feedback

We would like to know more about your use of the features to control data access in IUCLID, so we can improve the performance of the web interface.

The IUCLID team is working on improving the performance of IUCLID, for example when navigating to the list of dossiers, or opening a dossier or dataset.

We have identified that some performance issues could be linked to how access to data is controlled per user within IUCLID. This is part of the user management in IUCLID, whereby access to specific information can be defined for a user, and/or groups of users.

Before we make any changes to how access to data is controlled, we would like your opinion on this. If you manage users in a IUCLID installation, please complete the short Webropol survey below (5 questions maximum) and send us your feedback by 24th April:


Responses are anonymous and we will update you on the outcome of the survey.