Planned releases

Two main IUCLID releases are made per year: a major release in April (until 2021 major releases were done in October, this has changes and the next major release is planned for April 2023), and a service release in October. Two intermediate releases can also be published on the IUCLID website in addition to the two main releases. The IUCLID format is modified only in the major releases. The IUCLID instances hosted by ECHA in the ECHA Cloud Services are updated whenever new functionality becomes available, but the IUCLID format it uses changes only once a year.

The information below aims at highlighting the work planned for the web interface, particularly the remaining development to complete the transition from the IUCLID Classic interface to the web user interface. As such, this is not an exhaustive list, and is subject to change.

Next releases

  • 6th of February 2023 - service release (limited to configuration changes and bug fixes: e.g. updated report templates, validation assistant rules messages)
  • 24th of April 2023 - major release, including format changes

Examples of features planned for the next IUCLID releases

  • Web interface: look and feel improvements
  • Report generator: advanced settings
  • BPR Summary of Product Characterics support