QSAR Toolbox integration

The OECD QSAR Toolbox is a free software application that supports reproducible and transparent chemical hazard assessment. It offers functionalities for retrieving experimental data, simulating metabolism and profiling properties of chemicals. Its data and tools can be used to find structurally and mechanistically defined analogues and chemical categories, which can serve as sources for read-across and trend analysis. Governments, chemical industry and other stakeholders can all benefit from it.

The QSAR Toolbox is co-developed by OECD and ECHA and more information can be found on the QSAR Toolbox website.

Version 4.5 of the QSAR Toolbox includes a IUCLID plug-in, TEDRA, that facilitates the integration between the two tools in order to provide, among others, chemical structure search capabilities on IUCLID data from the Toolbox environment.

The QSAR Toolbox and the TEDRA plug-in for IUCLID, including installation instructions, can be downloaded from the QSAR Toolbox website here.