Data Extractor

IUCLID Data Extractor is an advanced tool that extracts data from IUCLID in accordance with a set of user-defined rules. It is installed separately from, but connected to, an instance of IUCLID Server. IUCLID Data Extractor has its own web-based user interface, separate from that of IUCLID, but modelled on the IUCLID data structure.

Installers are provided for MS Windows and Linux in the same downloadable package. IUCLID Data Extractor requires its own database, which can be either the embedded H2 database supplied with it, or an Oracle database which must be obtained from the vendor. It is possible to install IUCLID Data Extractor and IUCLID on either the same machine, or separate ones connected over a network.

For more information see the documentation below.


IUCLID Data Extractor installer (10th January 2022 - v1.8.0 - compatible with IUCLID 6.6)

The installation package contains the software components needed to deploy IUCLID Data Extractor on either a Windows or Linux server, and to connect it to an installation of IUCLID Server 6.6. Data Extractor can use either its own embedded H2 database, or a separate Oracle database which must be obtained separately, from its vendor. Documentation is provided on this page from the links above.

There is no updater tool for IUCLID Data Extractor. To use the current version, make a fresh installation.

Known issue in v1.8.0
By default, the Save button is inactive when defining new extractions, and in the Dashboard. To activate it, in the data settings for normalised output, change the value of Column delimiter to be different from Replace delimiter with. For example, selecting <Tab> produces TAB delimited output that can easily be imported in to a spreadsheet. For more information, see the user manual that is available via the link above.
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