Learn to use the new interface

A new web user interface is being phased in for all distributions of the IUCLID software: Desktop, Server, and Cloud. We recommend that IUCLID users become familiar with the new interface as soon as possible.

To support the IUCLID user community during the transition, this webpage provides training and guidance material specifically to help you get familiar with using the web user interface. Whether you are completely new to IUCLID or a user of the ‘classic’ user interface, this webpage will help you understand what features are available in the web interface, how to use them, and how to navigate and search in the new interface.

Install the latest version of IUCLID which includes the web interface from here. Alternatively, you can subscribe to IUCLID Cloud to use the web interface if you are submitting dossiers under the REACH or CLP regulatory frameworks.

You can use or re-use the guidance material on this webpage to help yourself and your colleagues become better acquainted with the web interface. If you would like to comment on the training material provided here, or on the web user interface itself, you can post your feedback on our IUCLID LinkedIn Group.


Web interface functionalities manual

Here is the Functionalities manual of IUCLID 6 for the web interface. The manual provides useful descriptions of the features found in the web interface as well as a guide in Section 2 "Help for users familiar with the IUCLID client" to help users familiar with the classic user interface move to the web interface.

Translations of this manual are provided below. Note that the version in English is the most recent version, although the content in the translations is still relevant.



Video tutorials

We have published a number of video tutorials showing how to use the web user interface. These are found below:


Training material

ECHA has organised various trainings using the IUCLID web interface for the REACH, BPR and CLP regulations:


View the latest REACH-driven presentation given by ECHA which uses and presents the web interface


View an exercise (using the web interface) for Biocides users of IUCLID. The exercise was part of the the Biocides Stakeholders Day, ECHA, Helsinki (25/10/2018)

Exercise instructions (1.1 MB, .pdf) | Demo data (0.5 MB, .pdf) |  | i6z files (0.3 MB, .zip)

CLP (Annex VIII)

View a Guidance on preparing Poison centre notification (PCN) dossiers using the web interface



The following webinars have content specifically informing users on the features in the web interface:


Industry Tips

Industry can send their tips for using the web interface to the IUCLID functional mailbox, as well as ideas for training material. We can then publish these on the IUCLID LinkedIn Group to help users work with the web interface.

Tip from BASF: coleagues using the same IUCLID instance (on a shared server) exchange and share the URL by simply copying the web browser address bar and sending it over email, to quickly view:

  • Dossiers
  • Endpoint documents

BASF also generate Comparison reports (which compares the content of two dossiers) and save the URL in a shared location for other colleagues to quickly view, without the need to re-generate the report.

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