Webinar on the April release of IUCLID

A webinar on the April release of IUCLID will be held on 29th of April 2019, 13:00 - 14:30 Helsinki time, a few days after the release, due on 24th of April.

We invite you to join us and ask questions of our experts in IUCLID, and Poison Centre Notifications (PCN). We will introduce you to the latest improvements in the IUCLID web interface, and provide an update on how IUCLID will be developed over the coming year. We will publish the webinar and its Q&A session on the IUCLID website following the event. You can register for the webinar using this link:

The April service release will feature improvements to the web interface such as:

  • Full management of reference substances;
  • Improved comparison and validation reports;
  • Clearer navigation within a dataset;
  • The full report generator;
  • More advanced dossier creation and import;
  • Guided dossier preparation for Poison Centre Notifications (PCN) which allows industry to prepare notifications for hazardous mixtures (Article 45 and Annex VIII to the CLP Regulation). Guided Dossier Preparation provides a simplified, task-based, approach to dossier creation.

Additional information
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