The IUCLID 6 April release is available

This new version of IUCLID contains improvements to the web interface and the possibility to create EU Poison Centre Notifications.

The April service release features improvements to the web interface such as:

  • Clearer navigation within a dataset and enhanced data editing

  • The full report generator

  • Management of reference substances

  • Improved comparison and validation reports

  • More advanced options for dossier creation and import

It includes in addition a new guided dossier preparation for Poison Centre Notifications (PCN), which allows industry to prepare notifications for hazardous mixtures (Article 45 and Annex VIII to the CLP Regulation). Guided Dossier Preparation provides a simplified, task-based, approach to dossier creation. More information can be found on the Poison Centres website.

This service release does not bring changes to the IUCLID format. Hence, it remains fully compatible with IUCLID 6.3. It accepts all files from IUCLID 5.6 and later, while it can also export files that are compatible with IUCLID 6.2.

This new version takes into account the update of the release policy of Java provided by Oracle. The related changes are embedded in the installers and updaters published for this new IUCLID version.

The IUCLID Cloud services have been automatically updated to the latest version.

A webinar presenting the new version is taking place on Monday 29th of April from 13:00 to 14:30 Helsinki time. You can register from the link below. ECHA's Helpdesk will assist users with any questions about this update.


Download the new version | Release notes | Webinar | IUCLID LinkedIn group