The advanced features of the IUCLID 6 Report generator are now described on this website

There is now the possibility to generate your own reports based on IUCLID data. The extraction of the SPC data in XML format is indicated as an example.

IUCLID 6 includes a Report Generator. This feature of IUCLID 6 allows you to create a Chemical Safety Report (CSR) in a printable format (RTF or PDF) or, in XML format.

The Report Generator can be used to create custom reports, in which data is extracted from datasets and dossiers stored in a IUCLID 6 database. The fields included in the report, and its format, are determined by a report template that can be customised.

This advanced feature of the Report Generator is now described on a new web page on the IUCLID 6 website. As an example, the report template used to generate the CSR under REACH is made available. This is the same report template that is already included by default in your IUCLID 6 installation.

At the same time, a new report template is also published on the website. It allows the extraction of the IUCLID data that are relevant for the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC), under the EU Biocidal Products Regulation. The output data format (XML) is compatible with the SPC Editor hosted by ECHA. Instructions on how to use this new report template are available on the IUCLID 6 website. This report will also be included in future IUCLID releases.

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