IUCLID 6 version 1.2.0 is available

A new service release for IUCLID is available. It brings improvements, bug fixes but also three new features: IUCLID hyperlinks, a DNEL calculator and a public API.

A new service release for IUCLID is available. In addition to improvements and fixes in existing functionalities, it brings three new features:

  1. IUCLID hyperlinks are a convenient way for users to refer to IUCLID information across a single IUCLID Server.
  2. A DNEL calculator is now available in order to help in the derivation of Workers and General Population Derived No-Effect Levels (DNELs) for long-term systemic effects for oral, dermal and inhalation routes based on ECHA Guidance. This feature has been developed in collaboration with the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) from the Swiss Confederation.
  3. The first version of the IUCLID 6 Public API can be used with the Desktop and Server versions in order to make IUCLID communicate with other applications. More information is available for developers under 'Support \ Documentation'.

This new version is compatible with previous IUCLID 6 versions. For more details about the content of this release please check the release notes and attend the webinar on Thursday 2nd of February 2017. A link to register is available below.

Download IUCLID 6 | Release notes | Public API | Release presentation webinar