IUCLID 6 service release offers new features

An update to IUCLID 6 is available. It brings new features, such as dossier comparison, inventories management, and an option to replace data during import. It also contains fixes to known issues.

This upgrade is fully compatible with the existing IUCLID 6 installations, and optional.

Version 1.1.0 of IUCLID 6 is delivered together with a database patch tool which can be used to fix specific issues identified in some IUCLID 6 databases. The patch tool is available for download, and comes with a user manual.

This new version of IUCLID 6 includes a beta version of a Public REST API for developers to build interfaces with other tools.

Detailed release notes are available. We also invite you to watch our webinar introducing the changes. 

Download IUCLID 6 | Release notes | IUCLID 6 manuals | FAQ | IUCLID 6 1.1.0 webinar