Reference substances

You can download reference substances obtained as a result of a search below or you may also download a set of reference substances (44,8 MB). This file includes 3,776 commonly used reference substances. The set is provided as an archive file with extension zip. Its content must be extracted before the .i6z files can be imported in to IUCLID 6.

You may use the web form below to search for and then download existing Reference substances in the IUCLID 6 format.

Please note that this set of reference substances was generated semi-automatically in 2007 and has not been maintained since then. Errors and inconsistencies can exist, and should be corrected locally by the user. Reference substances can be created from within the interface of IUCLID. ECHA has started a project to make an up-to-date list of reference substances available from within the interface of IUCLID, using web services connected to ECHA's dissemination database.

Update 23.05.2023: in the context of the SPC editor's switch to IUCLID, planned for the end of the year, ECHA has started to work on a way to retrieve the list of authorised biocidal active substances as reference substances in IUCLID. Based on this experience we will see if/how this feature could be extended to make it available for other types of substances.

Tips for the search and download:

  • The wild card character % in a search criterion represents one or more characters.
  • Please note that some web browser, such as Internet Explorer, are changing the downloaded file extension from .i6z to .zip. For example, the reference substances should be saved as .i6z files so they can be imported in IUCLID 6.

Search for and download Reference substances