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IUCLID 6 migration tool (28th April 2017 - v1.3.0)

The IUCLID 6 migration tool is used to migrate data from a IUCLID 5.6 database to a IUCLID 6 database. This tool is included in the installer that is available for IUCLID 6 Desktop, but can also be run independently. To migrate data from a previous version of IUCLID 5, first upgrade to IUCLID 5.6, which can be downloaded from the IUCLID 5 website here. More information on migration can be found in the manual for the migration tool, and in the installation manual for IUCLID 6 Server, which can be found from here.

It is recommended to save the IUCLID 6 migration tool in your IUCLID 6 installation folder and to run it from there.

An 'attachment corrector tool' for IUCLID 5.6 is also included in this downloadable package. In case attachments made in IUCLID 5 have been corrupted in the past, this tool will help in identifying and fixing the issues, in IUCLID 5.6, before the migration to IUCLID 6.

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